(IIPM) Law & Governance Programme for Trustees

(IIPM) Law & Governance Programme for Trustees


The IIPM Law and Governance Programme for Trustees offers trustees the insights and understanding required to carry out their roles effectively. Touching on the many aspects of pension schemes, the programme will focus on the building blocks for implementing good scheme governance and risk management.

The programme covers the core areas of trustees responsibilities imposed by both legislation and social needs and it examines the liabilities they face, compliance issues and the need for proper risk management. Trustees will have a deeper understanding of how risks can be mitigated through the implementation of good practices and procedures. Issues will be examined for both ongoing schemes and those in the process of wind-up.

Course Aims

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to

• Demonstrate a critical understanding of the nature and structure of trusts, trust law, the relationship between the parties and the application of trust deeds and rules

• Evaluate the role and duties of trustees imposed by equity and pension legislation and the corresponding trustee requirements

• Demonstrate an integrated knowledge of legislation pertaining to pension schemes and the ability to research, interpret and apply the legislation in structured situations

• Problem solve and work as part of a team by exercising the duties & powers of a trustee, to critically analyse and develop appropriate decisions for given contemporary problems and scenarios

• Understand the legislative provisions, range of options and their corresponding duties, on the discontinuance of a pension scheme using appropriate technical language

• Critically assess the principles of pension scheme governance and articulate effective governance mechanisms to fellow trustees.

Entry Requirements

This programme is suitable to trustees, HR and Finance professionals, pension scheme secretaries and professional trustees. Please contact the IIPM directly for more details in relation to entry requirements and your suitability.

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