What is APTI?

What is APTI?

We are the Association of Pension Trustees of Ireland (APTI), a Body of Corporate and Individual Pension Trustees.

APTI is the representative body of Pensioneer Trustees who administer Self-Administered Pensions in Ireland.  Pensioneer Trustee is a status conferred by the Revenue Commissioners on Individuals or Firms with specialist knowledge in the area of pensions law and administration. 

A Pensioneer Trustee must be appointed as a trustee in relation to all Self-Administered Pensions (SAPs) as required by the Revenue Commissioners.  The role of the Pensioneer Trustee typically involves the establishment and administration of Self-Administered Pensions.  Their formal responsibilities include ensuring such schemes operate in accordance with the requirements of the Revenue Commissioners and Pensions Acts 1990-2002.  

APTI was founded in 2004 to provide a structured platform for communications with the Revenue Commissioners and The Pensions Authority regarding the administration of Self-Administered Pensions. 

Our activities have expanded to incorporate all areas of the Irish pensions landscape.  We seek to share our perspectives and experience to ensure that all pensions-related topics reflect our deep domain knowledge and latest thinking.

Our Core Values

APTI members share a number of Core Values which lay at the heart of APTI’s mission:

  • ​Pension investors have the right to manage their own pension money
  • Independent advice is essential to optimise an income in retirement
  • Pension charges must be transparent
  • Pensions should be kept simple
  • Trusteeship is a superior vehicle for pension provision

Who are our Members?

Our original membership is made up of Revenue-appointed Pensioneer Trustees but now includes Qualifying Fund Managers, PRSA Providers and Professional Pension Advisors.

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Who are our Clients?

Our Clients are traditionally owner-managers, directors, senior employees, professionals, and the self-employed. 

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