(Law Society) Cert In Pensions And Applied Trusteeship

(Law Society) Cert In Pensions And Applied Trusteeship


The Irish Law Society offers this course which is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of pensions law and trusteeship in Ireland. Delivered by experienced professionals, the course begins with an examination of the legislative and regulatory framework applicable to pensions in Ireland. The functions and powers of the Pensions Authority, the Revenue Commissioners, and the Pensions Ombudsman are reviewed, as are the respective duties and obligations of both the employer and the trustees of a pension scheme.

The certificate will analyse the main pension scheme structures such as defined contribution, defined benefit, personal pension plans, and PRSAs. The course will equip trustees with knowhow enabling them to fulfil their duties and will give insight into handling of challenging issues such as underfunding, scheme wind-ups, pensions adjustment orders, taxation, mergers and acquisitions, and scheme restructuring. 

This course examines areas of growth and development for pensions in Ireland such as plans for auto-enrolment and master trusts. The diverse area of pension scheme governance will be discussed in detail and practical tips will be provided to ensure good governance procedures are in place. 

The course features review of recent pensions related case law, such as the Element Six and Omega Pharma cases which have wide-ranging implications for trustees, employers, and scheme members. Finally, the effects of family law issues such as separation and divorce on pension rights are considered.

Course Aims

On completion of this course, participants will have:

  • An excellent understanding of the key legal issues pertaining to pensions law and practice and trusteeship in Ireland
  • A comprehensive understanding of pensions legislation, pensions regulatory bodies and the functions and duties of trustees and registered administrators
  • A thorough knowledge of the main pension scheme structures and what changes are expected to the pensions landscape in Ireland
  • Up to date information on the latest pensions developments in Ireland such as the IORP II Directive and plans for the implementation of a universal pension scheme
  • Confidence in dealing with challenging issues such as pensions adjustment orders, taxation, mergers and acquisitions

Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for the following:

  • Trustees, corporate pensions advisors, registered administrators, pension scheme custodians
  • Solicitors, barristers, legal executives and trainees
  • Those in pension and legal departments of insurance companies, banks and building societies
  • Actuaries, tax advisors, investment managers and pension consultants
  • Public service pensions professionals
  • Those working in representative bodies related to pensions and trusts; and Professionals seeking to work in the pensions industry and the financial services industry.

For more information, please log onto www.lawsociety.ie and contact Cian Monahan, Solicitor, Course Leader at C.Monahan@LawSociety.ie.