(LIA) Professional Cert in DC Pension Scheme Trusteeship

(LIA) Professional Cert in DC Pension Scheme Trusteeship


The Pension Trustee Practitioner (PTP) designation has been developed for those acting or wanting to act as a trustee of a defined contribution occupational pension scheme or Trust RAC, as well as a Pensioneer Trustee.

The Professional Certificate in DC Pension Scheme Trusteeship course aims to empower these individuals to gain and demonstrate the necessary knowledge, competence and skills to manage their scheme in accordance with the scheme rules, general trust law, and relevant provisions of the Pensions Act and associated regulations.

Course Aims

With the PTP designation you will be better equipped to:

  • Understand the principles of trust law
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory obligations as a trustee of a defined contribution occupational pension scheme
  • Understand the roles of key parties in pension provision and the impact of regulatory provisions on their activities
  • Ensure that the general administration and management of the scheme is effectively carried out
  • Effectively deal with advisers when required in relation to appropriate investment strategies and options to be offered to members of the scheme
  • Ensure the application of good governance of the scheme

Entry Requirements

Holders of the QFA or APAs (in both Pensions and Savings & Investments) can apply for an exemption from the Principles module, resulting in just the Practices module to be successfully completed to obtain the PTP designation.

For more infomation please view the LIA official web site on: www.lia.ie